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“Technical Vocational College”
of Educational Institution
“The Republican Institute of Vocational Education”

The Affiliate “Technical Vocational College” EI RIVE is an independent structure of Educational Institution “The Republican Institute of Vocational Education”

Nowadays the college is two-level educational institution fulfilling the training of specialists for different branches in economy.
Technical and material base of the college and its staff meet the state demands in ensuring of educational process. Training and upbringing are constantly improving. Its technical and material base is strengthening all the time. All the possibilities for comprehensive development of each student, for joining in the world of fine and beautiful things, for coming to light one's creative abilities and talents can be realized here.

The main partner of the affiliate “Technical Vocational College” is Minsk Tractor Works. The cooperation with mentioned-above enterprise has been lasting for 20 years. More than 20 types of parts for tractors are produced in the college workshops for Tractor Works.

Using of modern technology in metal-working, coping with new kinds of production, well-defined organization of educational and skill activities (theoretical and practical training are given simultaneously) have made the college a partner of numerous Minsk leading enterprises. About 100 items of details are produced in college workshops for these enterprises.

The Republican Institute of Vocational Education cooperates with Haas Technical Center and Keller CNC Competence Center:

  • for providing Belarusian industry with qualified technical specialists;

  • for training in using modern and advanced NC technologies;

  • for giving opportunities to young people in making professional career;

  • for ensuring perspective development and well-being of Belarusian industry;

  • for training teachers and forperson-trainers of higher educational establishments, special secondary establishments as well as for technical vocational schools.

Educational center on NC technology works in the college.

First Level:

Mechanical Working of Metals on Machines and Lines

  •     operator of NC machines

  •     turner

  •     miller

First Level:

Technical Exploitation of Equipment

  •     fitter-toolmaker

  •     mechanical assembling fitter

  •     repair fitter


Second Level:

Technological Preparing and Adjusting of NC Machines and Manipulators

  • technician


Second Level:

Technological Equipment of Mechanical Engineering

  • technician-mechanic


  • insurance agent, electronic computer operator
Mechatronics in mechanical engineering
  • Adjuster of NC machines and manipulators

The cost of training for above-mentioned trades is $1500 per person a year.

Training and upbringing is based on continuous two-level system of education. The training of qualified workers with getting complete secondary education integrated with technical vocational education is implemented at the first stage. The training of specialists with technical vocational secondary education is fulfilled at the second stage.

After finishing the first stage the students have an opportunity to continue their education at the second stage. The students are admitted to study at the second stage according to the results of the exam on compulsory professional and special subjects.

The college has its own buildings with auditoriums, workshops, cultural and sports centre. There are 35 spacious auditoriums equipped with modern technical devices, a canteen, administrative offices, a gym, a swimming pool, a concert hall and a sports centre equipped with training apparatus.

Nowadays equally with the high requirements to education and professional training bigger demands are made on the cultural plane of future workers.

Entertaining parties, traditional festival of amateur talent activities “Younost” are held in the concert hall of the college every year.

The theatre of ”Sports and Singing” acts under the leadership of Albert Skorohod, who is a multiple champion of the USSR, a bronze winner of the World Cup on kickboxing, an international sport veteran, a leader and a captain of football team “Art-stars” representing the stars of Belarusian variety. He is also a head of the kickboxing group.

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